Teen Dies After Choking "Game"

The "Choking Game" is often played by teens to achieve a euphoric feeling, similar to a high, experts say. According to an awareness website, "the object of the 'game' is to stop blood flow to the brain until the player passes out in an attempt to get a 'high' or 'floaty' sensation." Based on The Huntsville Times' archives, Andrew is the third child to die from the "Choking Game" in Madison County. An 11-year-old died in 2005, and a 12-year-old died in 2006.


According to, the Choking Game has been attracting, injuring and killing teens for generations. When played in a group the Choking Game carries risks of seizure, memory loss, broken bones, concussions and potentially death. Playing alone drastically increases the likelihood of severe permanent brain damage and death. The prevalence of teens knowing about and engaging in this risky behavior is far greater than the level of proactive preventative education.  Until there is mainstreamed education and awareness, teens will continue to perceive there is minimal danger and that, according to them; "it's just like fainting".  This needs to stop.  Parents need to be aware, as do children, and all who work with youth.