About Us

The Mission of The Pinnacle Schools, Inc. is to develop adolescents who are self-directed, educated and contributing members of society.

To support this mission, we resolve to provide an environment of respect, acceptance, skill development and challenge which fosters the personal development and emotional growth of our students. We are one component of a continuum of growth for struggling teens and their families.

The Pinnacle Schools (TPS) was founded in the spring of 2005, by a group of caring professionals, committed to effective and affordable high quality services for troubled teens and their families. The programs of The Pinnacle Schools are based on the effective assessment and treatment of "at-risk teens".

What began as a single outdoor therapeutic program for "troubled teens" in 2005 has evolved and grown into four separate and distinct programs, each designed to meet the individual needs of the teen and their family. All programs of The Pinnacle Schools are accredited in Behavioral Health Care by The Joint Commission.

  • Elk River Treatment Program - Therapeutic Intervention Program that provides diagnostic, assessment, education and treatment services on a base campus. Program length is determined by needs of the child.
  • Elk River Transitions - Individualized Transitional Therapeutic School with a flexible length of stay up to one year.
  • Elk River Healthy Lifestyles - Teen Weight Management Program focusing on nutrition and positive behaviors while building self-esteem. 
  • The Pinnacle Schools Academy Program - A Private Year-Round Middle and High School in Huntsville, AL that provides an accredited online academic program for students that struggle in a traditional classroom setting.
  • The Pinnacle Schools RAISE Program - An accredited online program that serves as the alternative school for Huntsville City Schools.

The Programs of The Pinnacle Schools (TPS) provide diagnostic, assessment, education and intervention services for troubled teens, ages 12-18, and their families. Our programs are based on a medical model with physician-directed medication management and 24 hour medical/nursing care. TPS staff physicians and professional referral sources work together to help manage your child's medications. TPS will not change a child's medications or dosages without prior approval from parents and the child's professional therapist.

Education is Essential. We believe "no child left behind" also applies to teen residential treatment programs. The Pinnacle Schools pioneered the use of comprehensive academics in the short-term residential setting, and because of our flexible length of stay, students can complete a quarter, semester or full academic year. Your child's school work while in treatment should transfer to his/her school or college.  Continued medical and psychological therapies, along with education, ensure long term success. Our Academic Administrator works closely with parents, students and counselors to design an individualized program of study that best supports each student's specific goals, while providing a safe learning environment in which their self-esteem is positively impacted by success in school. We offer courses from grades 6 through 12.

Financial Responsibility. The Pinnacle Schools understands the financial responsibility of a residential treatment program can be overwhelming. As a company, advocating for troubled teens and their families is of utmost importance. During these difficult economic times, we recognize that every family is struggling. To this end, we strive to keep our costs as low as possible. 

Our program fees are all-inclusive. There is no additional fee for the application, processing, academics, or the necessary gear required to participate in the program. Transport/escort services (recommendations are available) and psychological testing, if not performed prior to admission, are billed separately by the providers.

American HealthCare Lending - ApplicationStudent loans are an option for parents considering a private education for their child. Financing your child's education and treatment with a student loan allows you to make low monthly payments over a period of time. Health care loans are not collateralized and are often less expensive to obtain than a mortgage loan. These loans can include all of your educational expenses such as tuition, student transport/escort fees and airfare. TPS maintains a relationship with American Healthcare Lending. To research the possibility of financing your child's tuition, please follow the link Loan Application or select the American Healthcare Lending logo on this web page. You may also speak to a representative with the loan company by calling (800) 625-7412.

Insurance. Too often families find that insurance does not cover residential treatment for adolescents.  For those rare health policies that do cover treatment, specific criteria and guidelines must be met.  These guidelines are set by insurance companies and are often extremely high and difficult to meet.  When contacting your insurance carrier for verification of coverage, terminology is important.  The Elk River Treatment Program is considered an out of network residential program, not to be confused with a traditional inpatient hospital stay.

TPS is a network provider for Value Options Commercial Division.  Value Options is the nation’s largest independent behavioral health and wellness company.  Some treatment services may be covered by Value Options' members (excluding TRICARE) who meet specific criteria.  Value Options sets these guidelines and criteria.  Consult with your current clinical care provider (therapist, counselor) to determine whether your child will meet the medically necessary criteria required by Value Options.